Welcome to PFA - Christian Private School Satellite Program

Pioneer Family Academy (PFA) is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) open to all Christian families in California who feel called by the Lord to educate their children at home. The goal of PFA is to provide an umbrella covering, administrative assistance in keeping student records, and a point of accountability in helping individual families maintain an organized curriculum.

It is not within our parameters to offer extra support services such as, monthly meetings, curriculum counseling, field trips or fellowship. There are many fine support groups that offer these services. This PSP is best suited for those people who have a support network already in place, either with friends or through an organized support group, and who desire limited interaction with their PSP leaders and co-members.

PFA is strictly a record keeping organization and is in no way liable for what takes place in the home or at any home school related activity. Membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association is required to join this PSP. This carries its own yearly fee, though you are entitled to a group discount through our PSP. Their website is: http://www.hslda.org

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Pioneer Family Academy will:

File a Private School Affidavit with the state of California.

  • Maintain your child's cumulative records (cum files) in an accurate and professional manner.
  • Interact with student's former or future school regarding records.
  • Require the minimum of accountability and record keeping. This will consist of quarterly Attendance and Report cards.
  • Issue work permits, transcripts and diplomas to enrolled high school students.
  • Make available the Stanford Achievement Tests at the end of each school year. These are optional and will incur an additional fee.