​Early Childhood Parent Participation Program

Focusing on developmental building blocks key for healthy, whole­ child development. This program is designed to assist parents grow in their understanding and confidence in participating in the wonders of their developing child, and create fun and effective growth in the child. This is a welcoming environment for both typical children, and those children who fall on the Autism spectrum.

Social Training

This class provides self-regulation and social skills training in a safe and nurturing environment. It will help students recognize when they are in different Zones, (states of alertness/moods/feelings.) Students will learn how to use tools including sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies, to regulate the Zone they are in.


​Classes focus on reading readiness, phonics, penmanship, and number sense. History and
Science are explored through projects and hands-on activities.

​1st and 2nd Grades

​History and Science unit studies built around The Little House on the Praire series. Phonics, reading, penmanship and math skills are practiced.

​3rd Grade

​Modern Curriculum Press Math 3 / Shurley English / Creation / Explorers / Mayflower Compact / Pilgrims / Oceanography / Meteorology / Astronomy / Geology

​4th Grade

​Saxon Math 54 / Shurley English / Human Body / Columbus to Colonies / Birth of a Nation / CA History

​5th Grade

​Saxon Math 65 / Shurley English / Constitution / Westward Expansion / Civil War / Insects / Botany / Zoology

​6th Grade

​Saxon Math 76 / Shurley English / Creation / Greece / Rome / Renaissance / Physical Science

​7th Grade

​Providential Geography / Life Science / English 7 / Algebra 1/2 / Bible

​8th Grade

​Foundations of American Christian History / Earth Science / English 8 / Algebra 1 / Bible

​Senior High​

​9th Grade

​Universal History 1 / English 9 / Basic Chemistry / Spanish 1 / Geometry

​10th Grade

​Universal History 2 / English 10 / Biology / Spanish 2 / Algebra 2

​11th Grade

​U.S. History / English Lit. / Anatomy & Physiology / Advanced Math / Speech & Debate

​12th Grade

​Civics & Economics / World View / American Literature